Getting Started

Connect Xero Account

First you must set up the connection and authorise AREX to connect to your data. This is an easy process and normally only needs to be done once. 

1. You should have received account details to set your password. If you have not received this or forgotten your password then please get in touch with your primary contact at AREX.

2. Select your company.

3. You’ll see a dashboard. On the left hand side menu drawer - select “Integrations”.

4. At the top of the screen there is an option to choose Xero. Select this option.

5. Log in to your Xero account and select your company from the drop down list.

6. Set up the expense and nominated account you would like to use for bank reconciliation.

7. Xero is now live! You should see the same toggle against Xero appearing as green. 


Sell An Invoice

1. Download the AREX branding theme invoice from the email received

2. Head to Settings > Invoice Settings in your Xero account. Upload custom branding theme and select the AREX template. Name this "AREX INVOICE"

3. For the invoice you would like to sell, you need to ensure the customer's company registration number is populated in the account number field (go into the customer record & edit - it is the field directly below the customer name). You also need to ensure that in the street address, the country is set to GB

4. Raise an invoice in the usual way and change the branding theme to AREX. Hit send and you are all set - your invoice will be across to your Customer and AREX in 1 click

Disconnect From Xero
  1. Log into the organisation in Xero.
  2. Click on Settings and General Settings
  3. Select Add-ons from the Connect section
  4. Click the Disconnect button for each instance of AREX you see

Note: This process does not remove the data from within AREX. Instead, it removes the authorisation to connect to Xero.