Why choose AREX?

Complete flexibility

Unlike other invoice financing options there is no need to commit your whole debtor book or all of your invoices to AREX.

And there is no minimum or maximum on invoice values or any need to take out credit insurance.

Use as and when needed: simply pay for what you use.

No nasty conditions and no small print

You stay in complete control and can still use your same bank account.

Even better, no sticky contracts that lock you in or personal guarantees that put you at personal risk.

AREX helps you to unlock your money and your time without impacting you current overdraft or credit facilities

A company rooted in ethics

AREX Markets are not a bank. We put the SME first and our mission is to drive interest rates down and impact up.

AREX believes not only is access to cash critical to success, but good value is key. Now more than ever.

Get started with AREX to see how we can add value to your business.